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Tammy Flanigan-Bryson. But in today's world, men and women in law enforcement share the same drive to prove their worth, she said. Times have changed - as have the of women wearing badges. Of the 13 officers who make up the most recent graduating Basic Law Enforcement Training class for the Asheville Police Department, five are women. Of the department's officers, 35, or 17 percent, are women.

The national average is 13 percent, according to the U. Bureau of Justice. Police say they need more women on the force just like they need black, Hispanic and Latino officers - to show the community they can reach out to anyone and the department is open to everyone. Some experts say women bring a different perspective to the job, while studies have found women have fewer use-of-force complaints against them since they tend to use talking over force.

As a national dialogue about female police officers has changed, more women are applying for jobs in law enforcement, said Flanigan-Bryson, who oversees recruitment for Asheville police. Men also are less discriminating toward women in law enforcement, Flanigan-Bryson said. And women see law enforcement as a career where they can have opportunities for advancement.

Asheville, for example, has a female chief of police. Women rarely applied for the job when John DeCarlo was a city police chief from in Connecticut, he said. Fewer women applied for police work in part because Women want sex Bryson physical requirements that have since been found less relevant, said DeCarlo, who has 34 years of police experience and is an associate professor of criminal justice at the University of New Haven.

Anyone wanting to become an officer must pass a physical test that puts a lot of emphasis on upper body strength, he said.

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But as society has changed, policing is no longer only about physical force. Some situations require talking to people and brainstorming solutions.

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When Flanigan-Bryson travels to recruit she says she looks for people who are passionate about the job. Smith, a native of Bristol, Tennessee, and from a military family, always wanted to go into the military. But after spending her undergraduate years at East Tennessee State in the ROTC program majoring in criminal justice, she ended up applying for some law enforcement positions when the opportunity arose, she said.

Smith tested and applied in to be a police officer in Asheville. Once she was offered the position she turned down active duty, and instead ed an eight-year contract with the Tennessee National Guard. Media representation of female cops has also changed to let young women know this is a viable career opportunity for them, DeCarlo said.

The women and men on the force work hard and are inclusive to other officers, she said.

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He added that traditionally in the South he knew of men with an older mindset who thought women shouldn't be in law enforcement, but recently seeing women on the force is more common and women are putting in applications more frequently. We will start to see a narrative of diversity across the board. If you're interested in a career in law enforcement or ing the Asheville Police Department visit their website. Facebook Twitter. More women ing the force in Asheville.

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Women want sex Bryson

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