Who wants a quicky

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Feeling in the mood with only a few minutes to spare?

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Make it a quickie. Hartmanna clinical sexologist. The trick is to keep it energetic.

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Women are less likely to be sexually satisfied by a quickie because they usually require more stimulation to reach the same levels of pleasure as men. She recommends telling your partner how much you want her and how important her pleasure is to you, even when the sex is fast-paced.

Quickies often involve sex in unusual places, such as the kitchen, a bathroom, or a car.

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Embrace that, but be ready to deal with tight or awkward spaces and the challenges they bring. Even with the reputation for ending things before their female partners, men may not finish during quickie sex. She adds that skipping orgasm can have the advantage of turning the quickie into a tease for more sex later. Quickie sex allows for a little extra creativity and passion. Regardless, they should always be fun.

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Story : Let your mind go and your body will follow. For the pleasure of the woman involved, she recommends standing face-to-face against a wall or on a washing machine because this allows for kissing and facial caressing, which many women enjoy.

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