Tired of older women

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There are so many rules women are expected to follow when they are in a relationship. They should be slim. They should look pretty. But do they always have to be younger than their partner?

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Hell, no! Would you believe that in this age and time, people still frown upon older women who date younger men? Saying this is not only hurtful, but downright offensive. Luckily, many couples ignore these naysayers. People will not shy away from harping on that a May-December relationship has no future, even when there is no evidence to support that. Women who date much younger men do end up getting married to their partners, having children, and leading fulfilling lives. Then there those who think that the woman is zooming past her marriageable age. Also, the ticking biological clock is sounding louder to them by the second.

The only solution left is to suggest marriage. Somehow, the age gap magically disappears when wedding bells ring. Cougars are women who prey on young and innocent men. For those who need a lesson, a cougar is a confident and independent woman who young men seek out of their own accord. Because there are plenty of fish around - young fish, mind you. Or, if he can go around with one older woman, he can ditch her for another.

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Older women, therefore, must stay cautious while dating a younger man. What holds any relationship in place is the understanding between two people, age has nothing to do with it.

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Younger men can be as successful and committed in a relationship as older men. So, why should that change the minute they fall in love with an older woman? Pray, do tell. Love happens irrespective of age. It may be blind, it may be super exciting, but it also survives the tests of time. In this context, the tests being these mindless pieces of advice. There is no good way of asking this question without risking the insult of calling the woman a gold-digger.

Age is a wondrous thing - it shows on the human body. But weight gain has nothing to do with it! No offence, but this is a lot of bull. Because the woman who is older is spent and worn out? Sex is amazing when it is new but it is wonderful when it is had with the person you love. People who ask such personal questions must function out of a space devoid of the excitement.

What other explanation is there to explain this idiocy? As long as you are confident of the love you have for your man, nothing can break you guys apart. Videos News India. Latest Stories. Science And Future. Human Interest.

Social Relevance. Healthy Living. Here are 11 of the many things people say to older women for dating younger men. He looks like your son. Your relationship has no future.

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You will die before him. You are such a cougar. Your man will cheat on you one day. Date someone your age.

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Does he have a bank balance? The sex must be so good.

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Tired of older women

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