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Young men who smoke and drink are more attractive to women as short-term relationship partners than those who do not, which may help to for the persistence of these risky behaviors, according to a study published in Evolutionary Psychology. Most young adults are well aware of the risks associated with using tobacco and alcohol, but young men are the most likely of all groups to engage in them.

There is evidence that women find risk-taking attractive in men in short-term relationship context, but prefer more risk-avoidant men when it comes to forming long-term relationships.

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From an evolutionary perspective, this suggests to some psychologists that young men may be prone to taking risks with their health — including smoking and drinking — because the reproductive advantage of increased mating opportunities in the short term outweighs the long-term costs of elevated incidence of cancer and other diseases.

Researcher Eveline Vincke, of the Ghent University, conducted an experiment in a sample of young women to determine whether their views about smoking and drinking in young men matched the predictions of evolutionary psychology. Women read descriptions of individual young men, including a summary of their personalities and favorite activities. Finally, the women rated how attractive they found the men as short-term and long-term relationship partners.

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The young women in this study rated the same men as more attractive short-term relationship partners when they were depicted as occasional smokers and as occasional or heavy drinkers, compared with non-smokers and non-drinkers. For long-term relationships, on the other hand, women preferred non-smokers and found heavy drinkers less desirable than non-drinkers although they still preferred moderate drinkers.

A second study surveying young men confirmed that the young women were correct in their perceptions. Young men who smoked or drank heavily were more interested in short-term rather relationships, and less interested in long-term ones, than those whose health behaviors were less risky. Vincke concluded that tobacco and alcohol use may be part of an evolutionarily-driven short-term mating strategy for young men and that, based on the attractiveness ratings made by young women, this strategy may be successful.

The author suggests that risk-taking behavior may be a al of desirable genetic material, even though risks are demonstrably dangerous for health in the long term. Deciding whether these risks are worth taking for the sake of increased attractiveness remains a question up to each young man to answer. PsyPost is a psychology and neuroscience news website dedicated to reporting the latest research on human behavior, cognition, and society.

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