Sex dating in Wolverine

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Jonathan Hickman's X-Men relaunch has stirred a lot of feelings in the loins of horny X-Men fans, particularly when it comes to the relationship between Scott Summers, Jean Grey, and Wolverine. X-Men 1 revealed that the trio share connected rooms in the Summers family compound on Krakoa, leading to speculation that the three could be Marvel Comics' first throuple.

It's laid out, after all, in the logo for the new Wolverine solo ongoing….

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Can you possibly deny it? It's been right there on the since at least But we aren't the only ones who subscribe to this theory. Wolverine's two dicks won the Bleeding Cool Clickmas Savior poll as the favorite clickbait topic of you, the readers. And not one but, appropriately, two articles about Wolverine's dicks made the top ten articles read on Bleeding Cool all of last year.

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This isn't a crackpot theory. Wolverine's two dicks are mainstream. All that's left now is for Marvel to stop being cowards and confirm Wolverine's two-dick status on the. Are they getting closer to doing that? Pre-ordering one's comics by mail is usually a tradeoff. A deep discount, for sure, but they often don't arrive until Thursday, Friday, or sometimes even Saturday. Every once in a while, however, they show up on Wednesday, or even a day earlier.

Which they did this week. Sorry, Matthew Rosenbergwe're going to have to take Fed-Ex's side in future disputes if they keep this up.

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Regarding X-Men 7we discussed the meaning of The Crucible and the effects of which major Marvel event it strives to undo. But we also got some updates on the sex life of Wolverine, Cyclops, and Marvel Girl in this issue, particularly with a scene between Scott and Logan, lending credence to the belief that the two aren't simply sharing Jean's affection, but engaging in a true three-way relationship. After all, how else would Cyclops know what Wolverine's body hair feels like beneath the covers?

Scott also offers Logan extra incentive to take a vacation as a throuple, hinting at exactly what kind of fun it could be. So it's pretty much indisputable fact what's going on here, but how are things faring for Emma? Is that icy wall beginning to melt? And wouldn't a four-way be even more interesting?

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The Resurrection Protocols have changed everything for Mutantkind. But… what ELSE has it changed? But you can't reshape a world without encountering its true master … DOOM. Enjoyed this? Please share on social media!

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Comments will load 8 seconds after. Latest by Jude Terror. We've got your Night 1 draft right here, baby! DC Comics will celebrate Wonder Woman's 80th-Anniversary this Tuesday in the most comics way possible: a ten-dollar comic with an assload of variant covers! Peacemaker's never-say-die attitude reminds us of a certain wrestler turned Hollywood superstar in this preview of Swamp Thing 8. Latest in Comics. And it has. He confirmed that.

Sex dating in Wolverine

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Marvel Comics Made A Wolverine/Cylcops/Jean Grey Throuple?