Sex date in Mexico city

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Culture writer and general gem of sex-positivity Caitlin Donohue gives a rundown of the best restaurants, bars, cafes and sex clubs to take your Tinder date in Mexico City, woo! Mexico City loves Tinder.

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If you live here, you are probably on it. And then fuck them, if appropriate.

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Take some Spanish lessons before you fly down or at least Duolingo and practice some basic phrases. You should be able to order in a restaurant in Spanish. It is a short, short trip from this sexy, underlit downtown mezcal bar to bed. Bosforo is a popular date spot because of its central location and great selection of mezcals Mexican liquor distilled from the agave plant — a smokier tasting version of tequila. Definitely ascend the stairs at the back to snuggle on floor pillows and thick carpets with your caballitos of booze.

It can be tough for queer women in Mexico City, honestly. Visibility is shit much like it is in the rest of the world, tbh and chill queer bars can be hard to come by. Even if they turn out to be a drag there will be a passel of genderqueer cuties to follow up with. Facilities are clean, water pressure is rad. Entry will run you pesos, more if you want to rent a private room for three hours.

But more importantly for our purposes, a walk in the park can easily go horizontal.

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I advocate for the eastern edge by Calle Constituyentes for this purpose. An inspiring combination of factors makes this Friday-only nightclub in the La Roma neighborhood perfect for Tinder dates.

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Sufficiently crushing crowds equal insta-snuggles with your companion for the evening. At 30 pesos each, the cover and your beer no liquor here will be super affordable.

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Check the documentary VICE made about the dancers to get an idea for vibes. Caitlin Donohue is the founder of www. Ask a Lesbian June 8, No Comments. Facebook Twitter Instagram.

Sex date in Mexico city

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