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Search America's historic newspaper s from or use the U. Newspaper Directory to find information about American newspapers published between present. Chronicling America is sponsored tly by the National Endowment for the Humanities external link and the Library of Congress. Learn more. Next they "jimmied"the door of C.

Hart's office and I nocturnal visit No 4 was to the tail ' oring jjhop of John ilarrle in the - same. Hut the burglars will never retire on what they put into their hags last night. In Hart's they received noth ing but a few postage stamps; in the barber shop, Sllvino Vastolu said a couple of dozen razors were lost; Mr liairle stated he lost two suits, oneovercoat and a pair of trousers, ev erything which he had finished in the shop. They also took his gun but left the case and bullets. A small safe which was in his office and which contained bis valuables show ed the effects of rough usage, but it was not opened.

The thieves evl- - dently tried to pry It open with a cold chisel but they bungled the Job and made a mess of it. They ilnaily left it. In the middle of the floor. Ec cles lost a couple of suits. The burglars evidently made Eccles's. There were at least two in the party, for they made Eccles a present of their old suits. One was blue and the other was gray. On the gray suit was a monogram "J. The fellows must have looked rather nobby as tbey 1 '.

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They must have felt like gentlemen burglars. No effort was made to enter Clay ton's jewelry store, neither did they ' pay any attention to the work shop of the jewelry store which was close by. They broke open a gas meter in the hallway out of which they per haps got a few dollars, the only real money which their fingers lighted upon during the evening.

Mr Clay ton thinks they were afraid of try ing either his store or shop because of t'ae fear of the burglar alarm. The store is well protected but the shop is not equipped with the system. The detectives think they have a fairly good chance of catching the men who did the trick. In addition to the old clothes they found numer ous finger marks on a desk in Mr Hart's office. The marks were very plain and the detectives this morning took an imprint of them.

When John Gilmour heard there were burglars in the building dur ing the evening he became slightly excited but he was assured they had failed to call at his emporium. Still his mind was not at ease. It was ex plained a moment later when he rushed up to Mr Barrie's shop and exclaimed: "Did they take my trousers, John? Someone started a rumor that half a dozen pairs of kilts had been stolen from the shop but the proprietor said it was a blasted lie.

Not only did the burglars take their time about sorting the goods and ransacking desks, but they were very particular about their personal appearance. As already stated they rigged themselves out in new suits but imagine it, they stopped in the barber shop long enough to shave themselves. They also used choice perfumes to take off the "rub" of the razor. Theysurely must be given credit for having a goodly supply of nerve.

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Officers of the Bureau of Kiigiiieer- ing are Surprised. When many of the officers of the bureau of steam enginesring of the navy de partment to-day learned that the or der of the president. Rear Admiral Capps, chief constructor of the navy had been made acting chief of their bureau they referred to a provision in the revised statutes, which they had always regarded as preventing the asment of a staff officer as chief of that bureau for more than one month.

They were somewhat mystified as to how this practical combination of the bureau of eon- struction and the bureau of steam engineering could have any degree. They generally entertained the opinion that Secretary Newberry ex pected to secure legislation author izing the consolidation of the two bureaus before the end of the pres ent session of congress.

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The fact that Hear Admiral Barton, recently chief of the bureau of steam engineering had retired made possible the appointment of Rear Admiral Capps without any statutory limitation of the term he may serve. No legislation will bs necessary to continue the practical i consolidation of the two bureaus and from this time on they will be op-! Eidtor O'Brien Dead. Kansas City. Mo, Dec. A tele tram received yesterday from San Francisco announced the death there of Joseph A.

O'Brien, formerly as-' sislant editor of the Kansas City Star. He and Alfred Henry Lewis composed a law flrm here for a brief time. Divorces petitions are piling up In the office of the clerk of the su perior court. To-day four were add ed o the list already on file. Walker, who lives at Baldwin street, and Is employed by tho Waierbury Buckle Co, was guilty of infidelity witii various parties unknown to her a few years after their marriage which took place on September 19, ' Under these circumstances Mrs Walker considers she Is entitled to have her maiden name Mack re stored to her.

On the grounds of habitual intem perance Mrs Helen S. Kiordan Mar vin asks for a divorce from Howard Marvin, and also that her maiden name be restored to her. This couple were married on November, ' Mrs Mary A. Krows has sued for separation on the grounds of deser tion and habitual intemperance.

It is alleged that the act. Fred R. Price has brought another suit against Superintendent of Po lice George M. Price claims he was Illegally arrest ed and imprisoned in the lockup one evening lust summer. It Is true he was arrested by Officer Tehan for refusing to move on when requested and that he went through all the forms in the police station, being measured and weighed and all that sort of thing to which every prison er is subjected. The first suit was down for trial before Judge Bennett and the jury in the superior court a few weeks ago, but as Attorney Root, counsel for Price was not on hand, Judge Bennett dis missed it.

That obliged Attorney Root to begin all over again which he has done in the present suit. The annual fair of the Sacred Heart church came to a close last evening, another large crowd being present "in the parochial school where the event was held.

The fair this year was the most, successful that the church has given in recent year. All the families of the parish were present on eeme one of the three nights and it was an old fash ioned carnival which everybody seem ed to enjoy. These little affairs in the school were started three years ago by the Rev T. Shelley, pastor of the church.

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Although the east end parish, at one time was accustomed to hold big social events for some years they ceased to give fairs or en tertainments of any kind. With the completion of the parochial school Father Shelley again started them, and they are proving as successful as in years gone by. Many of the ex-nienibers of the parish found time to drop out there during the fair and every evening the school building was crowded. There was a stage entertainment and dancing and supper was also served.

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Because of the illness of the pastor most of the work fell upon the shoulders of his assistant, tho Uev Father Dooley, and the sisters in charge of the paro chial school. Coining lo I hut ford. Washington, Dec Represent ative Hill, candidate for the United States senate for Connecticut, who is opposing Senator Brandegee, leaves to-night for Hartford. He will re main there to take personal charge of his fight for the senatorship un til the election on January 19 by the state legislature.

Buried in Wreckage. Malta, Dec It has been learn ed that the bodies of American Con sul Cheney and his wife are buried beneath the wreckage of the Ameri can consulate at Messina. We wish you a happy and prosper ous New Year. The taxation revision committee are working hard and will soon sub mit a report to the aldermen. The committee and Mayor Thorns had a long chat with the city attorney yes terday. Nobody knows what they will report but it is understood that the committee expects to agree on a draft of a legislative enactment which would oblige all parts of the town to bear an equitable share of the burden of taxation.

For example, the town school districts will evi dently be required to pay their own teachers, and they may also be in vited to help pay something towards the maintenance of the water system and other things. The rainfall of last night and this morning amounted to.

It helped the reservoirs considerably, the Branch being four and one-half Inches higher at noon to-day than it was yesterday and East Mountain had gone up an inch and a half. The water question is still terious and it will continue so until we have at least a week's rain.

Old catch u women chate Waterbury Connecticut

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