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We talked about the future and he asked me if I was still all right with everything. I told him I did not seem to have much choice because she said she wanted this lifestyle for as long as she could. Leo said he would keep her for as long as he could, I asked would he ever sell her and he said he had a lot of offers from abroad where most of the subscribers were but she was making a lot of money for him on a regular basis, the truck stop and the glory hole were good earners and he had his regular weekend clients, also she accepted her role as a bitch, and some said she should have tail but he was not happy with a but plug tail it would have to be something more permanent.

He said she is only thirty nine next birthday so she had at least ten or twelve good years leftI told him she said if I wanted to find someone else she would understand but I was happy to use her when ever. Leo said he would pay for more holidays for them in future. He told me I could spend as much time as I like at his house and use her like the other l.

When they were on their own Leo sat on the couch and called her over and he opened his pants and she started sucking him, Sandy got off his bed and was soon humping her hard, soon Leo shot his load down her throat and there was lot of it after two weeks but Sandy was still humping her as she moved away from Leo.

He too was making up for lost time and she could feel cum running down her thighs. Sandy turned until they were arse to arse and he dragged her over to his bed. After tea Jake and his friend arrived and Leo told her to get them drinks and every where she moved Sandy was behind her. Leo said she needs shaving and Jake said we will do it before we go, what other plans have you for her and Leo said I have had calls from Jack and Frank asking to hire her but I am not sure about Jack he hurt her last time I will have a word and see what he plans, also I got s from abroad saying if she is a bitch she should have a tail and they threatened to cancel their contributions.

We will have to consider fixing a permanent tail on her somehow. Jake and his mate then took her up stairs and stood her in the bath where they shaved her from the neck to her ankles, then rinsed her and took her down. They had her serve them more drinks then sat back and had her suck them off as they watched TV. Then they had Sandy shag her Leo said if she is to be a bitch we will have to give her a name and get a tag for her collar Jake said I like Poppy and Leo said Poppy it is.

Jake arrived before Sandy had finished with her and he had her suck him until he shot his load. Jake asked would they be charged for the room and Leo said no but the manager and his assistant would have free use of her and it would be more comfortable than the camper, also they want us to do a Friday and a Saturday session when she is available, we can change the glory hole to Sundays. Jake and his mate then went home and Leo took her to bed and shagged her in both holes coming in her arse before they went to sleep.

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Jake called on Thursday and Leo told him he had enquired about suitable thread for the tail and found out that cobblers use a waxed polyester for stitching shoes so ordered some on the web he also ordered an anaesthetic spray so she would not feel the needle as they stitched it on. He said he spoke to the hairdresser he knew about a natural hair ponytail hairpiece and they could trim it to suit, we can do it next week and put her and Sandy on the web that should keep them happy.

Jake asked what plans have you for her his weekend and he said we will take her to the truck stop on Saturday and see what the new arrangements are like I think two nights would be too much for her and Friday night is the l night.

On Saturday they took her to the truck stop at seven and Jake led her in from the car without any covering and when they saw her they cheered. Leo sat her on a high stool at bar and got her a glass of wine, when she had a couple of drinks, Jake Led her around and let them feel her, most of them they recognized from visits. Then he took her back to Leo who was talking to the manager who took them to the room at the back, it had a large table in the middle covered with a duvet and three chairs.

Leo said this is ideal and told the manager if he wished he and his assistant could be first to use her because she gets messy as the night progresses unless they prefer her that way. The manager said we will use her first so Leo told her to get on the table and Jake lubed her front and rear then left her with the manager. The manager started with her mouth then when he was good and hard he shagged her until he shot his load then he left and sent his assistant in who was only interested in her arse so he turned her over with her feet on the floor and shagged her arse until he finished and went back to the bar.

Leo had two waiting to use her together for the usual fee of fifty for twenty minutes in arse or pussy. She was used constantly until two am. Jake went in to her regularly with a drink for her and take her to the toilet when finished they took her back home washed her and put her to bed where he let her stay until noon on Sunday. Leo told her to get her skirt and top and took her to a pub diner for a meal in the car he told to pull her skirt up at the back and when they arrived they found a table again he had her sit with her skirt up at the back and he told her in future when wearing a skirt you must not sit on it.

Back home they sat on the couch and had her sit between them as the all had drinks and watched TV. Leo said I should have everything we need for the tail on Wednesday or Thursday if we get it fixed we will let her do the glory hole on Saturday and we can use her on her back until it heals. On Thursday Leo phoned Jake and asked him to call round as he was ready to fit the tail. They took her into th kitchen and had her lay face down on the breakfast bar, Leo wiped her bum just under her tailbone with antiseptic wipes and used an anaesthetic spray to numb the area, Jake had threaded the needle with the polyester thread and held the tail in place on her back so Leo could stitch it on the underside.

When he was finished sewing they dropped the tail and you Ladies wants sex tonight Nimrod think it was growing there it was the same colour as her hair, they trimmed and combed it and had her get down on all fours and took her into Sandy who seem curious at first but as it did not fully cover her pussy he was soon licking her and soon mounted her, he did not hurt her because the anaesthetic had not fully worn off, Leo filmed everything and put it on the web, and was soon getting good comments.

Two took her that way and Jake, Leo and the other two settled for blowjobs Ladies wants sex tonight Nimrod then let her lie on the floor so Sandy could only sniff and lick her.

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On Saturday they took her to the glory hole where she did twenty eight blow jobs which amounted to five hundred and sixty pounds, the manager had her bend over with her hands on a chair and shagged her before they took her home. On Wednesday when Jake called Leo told him he had a letter from his sister in St Lucia telling him her sixteen year old son was coming to England to study and could he stay with him to save money on accommodation he would pay for his own food with his allowance but there was the matter of Linda and how he would accept the situation.

Leo called me and to say that Linda would be available for three weeks except for Friday nights when Jake and his mates would be using her if I wanted to call and spend some time with. I called two nights and we had great sex, I was amazed at her tail it looked so real I asked did it hurt and she said not when they were doing it but for a few days after it was sore but now she hardly knows its there. Leo told me about his nephew coming to stay with him and wondered how he would react to her when he sees her naked all the time and being used by Sandy.

She said it would seem strange having someone young enough to be her son using her like all the others. Leo told her to get a dress and took us out for a meal and that was the first time I witnessed his new rule of her sitting on her bare arse at all times. Leo told her to make some coffee for them and as she walked to the kitchen he saw her tail and watched as Sandy followed her sniffing between her legs.

Luke asked is he always like that with her Leo said yes she is his bitch, she fetched the coffee and Leo told her to lie on the floor and open her legs so Luke could see everything. Leo pointed out the tattoos on her mons and lips and said they mean I own her completely.

When they all finished their drinks Leo told her to let Sandy use her so she got on all fours and Sandy was on her in an instant. Luke never saw anything like and watched as he humped her until he shot his load into her and then laying on top of her until he could pull free after fifteen minutes. Leo explained that they were tied together because the dog penis expands in her to prevent his cum escaping until she takes into her uterus.

When he pulled out he licked her clean then went to his bed to clean himself, she got up and went to the kitchen to get some towel to put on the couch so she could sit between them again. Later in the day Leo told her to get ready and they would go for a meal and he explained to Luke that is the only time she is allowed to cover up and then it is only a dress or skirt and top she is not allowed to have under wear. She went upstairs and put a plastic bag on her tail and had a shower, she put some makeup on and a dress then went back down Luke could not belief how beautiful she looked, you could see she only had a dress on and the outline of her tail showed.

They took her out to the car and put her in the back and Leo told Luke to pull her dress up so her bare arse was on the seat. When Ladies wants sex tonight Nimrod arrived they were shown to a table and Leo told Luke to pull her dress up at the back before they sat down, Luke was embarrassed because he could see people watching.

During the meal Leo asked Luke are you alright with everything so far I know it must have been a bit of a shock when you saw her. Luke said it was and asked how long has she been your sex slave and Leo said six years I found her on the web I ed a contract with her husband and I own her to do what I want with her, she is still married and will go back to her husband one day. I use her to make money for me as you will see. When they got home she got naked and Leo told her to get some drinks and they sat watching TV. Jake arrived later and Leo introduced him to Luke and said Jake is my mate he looks after her when I am away he keeps her clean and shaves her when needed, he and his mates have full use of her and you can use her anytime you want Leo then had her get down on the floor and Jake sat on the couch.

As she sucked Luke Sandy was still humping her then she felt Luke place his hands on her head and push her face into his groin as he shot down her throat. Before he went home Jake had her kneel with her face on the couch and he shagged her in the arse because she was full of Sandy juice. Luke was taken aback at how easy she took in there and Leo explained that she is used there a lot hence she is quite loose. They went to bed and Luke climbed in beside her naked he could not belief his luck. He moved in and pulled her close to him and he started kissing her, she was not used to being kissed only by her husband all the others just shagged her.

He hugged her for a while then they got up and she made breakfast. Leo asked Luke did you have a good night it being the first time you shared a bed with a woman Luke said I did she is lovely. Then Leo said I am going to work so I suggest you two go out and she will show you around because you start college next week so you need to know where to catch the bus and things.

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He said you know how she must dress a skirt and top and as you will be walking around let her wear a coat and you know the rule about sitting. Later they got ready and went into town and walked around holding hands like lovers, she showed him the shops and then they went for lunch. He asked her why she stopped working and she told him Leo pays her husband a weekly wage for her which she earns back for Leo. He asked what do you have do and she told him about the Truck Stop and the Glory Hole and renting her out on weekends. She could see he was taken aback and she assured him she did it willingly.

Each night Luke slept with her and continued to make love to her like a normal couple and each morning she would make his breakfast before he went to College. During the day Leo would come home at lunchtime and use her and Sandy had her at least twice a day.

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Luke arrived home every day about three and most days he would get her coat and take her for a walk and call for a drink. One day they went to the park and he lifted her coat and they sat on a bench. After a while the man said I have been watching you two for a while you seem very happy, I am here every day and have not seen you before Luke said no I am new to the area and Poppy is showing me around.

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The man said I am Bill and Ladies wants sex tonight Nimrod am homeless but I get by, I noticed before you sat down you lifted her coat and she not seem to have pants on. Bill said dose he own her completely and Luke said yes he has had six years now. Bill said is she for his own use or dose he share her Luke she dose whatever he wants and he rents her out. Luke had her sit back down but did not button her coat so Bill could carry on feeling her tits and playing with her lips.

Luke could see how aroused he was getting and said would you like to shag her and he said would you get in trouble if I did. Luke said no my uncle has given me permission to do what I want with her, where can we go. Bill said there is toilets the other side of the park we could go there we would be out of sight but they are not very clean but I do have a wash there. Luke said dirt will not bother her she has been in kennels for days with dogs so is used to it. He got her to stand and buttoned her coat and they set off.

They got to the toilets and went into the gents that stunk of piss, Luke took her coat off and put her in a cubicle and said to Bill she is all yours I will be outside on the bench. Bill played with her pushing his fingers into her pussy and her arse and was surprised how loose her arse was, then turned her around and had her lean with her hands on the toilet bowl and dropped his pants and put his dick into her pussy and started humping her after some time he took it out and pushed it into her arse where he shot his load, when he pulled out some cum leaked out and run down her thigh, she stood up and faced him then wanted to pee so she stood with a leg each side of the bowl and peed, Bill thanked her then put his trousers on and called Luke who came and wiped her holes and put her coat on.

Bill thanked them again and said I hope we will meet again. Back home Sandy jumped up when they came in and was sniffing her, he could smell Bill on her and kept jumping up on her until she got on all fours and let him have her. Leo came home while Sandy was still knotted to her and asked Luke did he have a good day at college he said yes and I took Poppy for a walk in the park. She is on camera twenty four hours. I called round after a few weeks to see her and meet Luke and she told me how much she liked him and Leo was letting him look after her and he was sleeping with her every night, it did not seem to matter to him that she was old enough to be his mother.

I told her I started seeing other women and she was pleased said I was right. I told her I did not want a long term relationship at the moment and she was welcome back anytime. She said she was still happy with her lifestyle and it was even better now with Luke. Leo came in while I was there and said I see you have met Luke, he gets on very well with Poppy and I have given him free rein to do what he wants with her now that he part owns her we will get his name put on her soon. Leo told him she had become very attached to Luke and told him about her been shagged by a tramp in the park.

He took her for her STD test and on the way back he called at the tattoo parlour and asked when he could tattoo a name on her, the tattooist told him if you come back this afternoon I will do it. Back home he had take her skirt and top off and make some lunch. Leo took her coat off and he saw her tail and was amazed by how it was fixed.

Leo said I will leave her with you for a couple of hours do what you want. He had her sit on the incliner and open her legs he then pushed his fingers into her and kept ramming them in and out until she was wet he then opened his pants and got his hard on out and put it in then kept ramming her until he shot his load. He then made her a coffee and Ladies wants sex tonight Nimrod her why he was putting that name on and she told about Luke. He then put the tattoo on, and when he finished he was hard again he her turned over and rammed her arse hole then waited for Leo to return.

Leo returned and told Phil that he made a good job on the tattoo and asked had he enjoyed her.

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Ladies wants sex tonight Nimrod