I want to titfuck you

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dirty girlfriend Barbara

Search forums. Log in. You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. When was your first titfuck? ed Sep 14, Messages 69 Reaction score For all the folks with a titty fucking fetish, when did you finally get to stick your dick between some nice warm melons? Who was it and how big were their tits?

naughty whore Reese

I had numerous chances through high school as for whatever reason busty women always chased after me but I unfortunately was too nervous and missed a few opportunities. I even slept over at a chicks house a handful of times that had DDD's But finally when I was 22 a girl with D's wanted to get in my pants so bad she came over and emptied everything in my balls with her tits. Nothing like that first time when you realize you've finally done what you dreamed of for so many years. ed Oct 16, Messages 80 Reaction score My first girlfriend in high school happened to be a D-cup and we tried a lot of things for the first time together.

slut teen Ayleen

I remember once when I had her on her back and said, "I'd like to try something Deleted member Guest. We dated for a bit but just became friends with benefits. She had to be a DDD at least, possibly higher never cared to look at her bra size. Was easier to get off from that than a BJ or vag, usually.

ed Dec 16, Messages Reaction score Back in the early s, I met a woman on Yahoo Personals. She was an older woman who was 20 years my senior; a BBW with a 38H bra size. We met up at a hotel and she let me fuck her tits. It was a lame experience because neither I or she knew what we were doing. Nippler New Member. ed Jun 26, Messages 2 Reaction score My first boob-fuck was at a drive-in with a girl I dated once in a while.

She had a really decent pair of 40D's. While boning her sizable boobs, I accidentally ahem let loose a huge load up across her face. My bad. She wasn't very happy about it. Iluvbigtits19 Boob Connoisseur. ed Feb 24, Messages Reaction score 1, She got drunk at a family cookout and I drove her home. After a flirtatious ride home she asked me to walk her to her apartment. Barely in the door and her hand is down my pants. Drained every drop outta me. Iluvbigtits19 said:. ed May 19, Messages Reaction score Sounds almost like the plot of The Graduate lol.

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ed Apr 21, Messages Reaction score 1, I was 18 and she wore a 38F that had tit meat squeezing out the tops, sides, and underneath the underwire. It was so amazing, it ruined me for smaller boobs, I never dated anyone smaller after her. ed Jan 4, Messages 60 Reaction score BrokenArrows Active Member.

ed Jun 16, Messages 58 Reaction score With a girl I knew from high school, although we were two years out of school by that point. She had an apartment. I stayed over her apartment and we were in bed watching TV.

She started scratching??!!! I have no idea what size they were -- possibly 40DD? Anyway, her scratching got my attention, so we got into a discussion about her tits, and before you know it I was giving her a pearl necklace. My only regret is that I didn't do this more. Life doesn't throw you tits like these every day, but when you're young you don't know that.

You assume life will be this way forever. Wrong assumption. ed Oct 20, Messages Reaction score 1, My first time was in college with a Chinese girl who had an underappreciated set of 34D's. I tittyfucked her every other night in my dorm room for a while. After that, I ended up dating another Chinese girl with a similar build. Since then, I've fucked the tits of various women. It is now my mission in life. Boxfanatic Boob Connoisseur. ed May 8, Messages Reaction score 1, Mid 20s and she was a 40J cup.

Fun experience. ed Sep 9, Messages Reaction score 1, I've been seeing a lady who wears a 36N. I want to titfuck her but I'm not sure what the best position would be, she is much shorter than I am. Any ideas?

eye-candy babe Braelynn

ed Jan 4, Messages 3, Reaction score 7, ed Apr 2, Messages Reaction score YetAnotherGuy Guest. Some gal I was chatting up from Australia came up on a work permit and less then twenty four hours off the plane we were right at it, including trying that out. Tall, blonde, and H's at least. As one friend put it, "she's only got two things going for her; lefty and righty", because she was both a terrible lay and a terrible person. AreolaGrande Boob Connoisseur Premium. ed Jan 2, Messages Reaction score 1, It was always with her laying down on her back squeezing them together, and usually her sucking at the same time.

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I want to titfuck you

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When was your first titfuck?