I need a little something you need a little something

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Many of us will have given and received gifts over the holiday period. This post looks at some of the language around this custom.

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Interestingly, the related verbs have their own characteristics. If you present someone with somethin g, you give it to them in either a formal or a slightly dramatic way. Remember to pronounce the verb with the stress on the second syllable. When people exchange presents, they give one another gifts, and if they are bearing gifts, they have brought presents with them. If someone showers you with gifts, they give you a lot of presents:.

If we want to say that a gift we have brought is small or inexpensive, we might describe it as just a little something. Other polite phrases for receiving gifts are What a lovely surprise! Alternatively, you could regift it give it to someone else :.

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So which preposition would be correct after these two nouns in the following sentence, taking into that each of them in itself requires a different preposition? If someone showers you with gifts, they give you a lot of presents: We usually meet up just before Christmas to exchange presents. The Coopers arrived bearing gifts of home-made cakes and jam. During the time they were together, he showered her with jewels and furs. These flowers are for me? A necklace — what a lovely surprise! Like this: Like Loading New words — 11 January Next New words — 18 January January 13, at pm Reply. With these presents is always double luck.

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I need a little something you need a little something

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I’ve brought you a little something: The language of gifts