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Relationships are work. There is no doubt about that. When we do not give relationships consistent attention they start to fall apart. Sometimes slowly. Sometimes with rapid speed. Both leaving two people feeling lost. We are passionate about couples therapy and marriage counseling for healthy relationships.

We are confident we can share tools to get you back on track. Often times after marriage counseling or couples therapy everyone feels more connected than ever before. Because we are so passionate about couples therapy and marriage counseling we continually work to educate counseling professionals on new relevant therapy approaches.

We research tools, resources and relevant approaches to share with our clients in our Wyoming, MI office. Each counseling practitioner participates in supervision and consultation. Yes, we are educated and trained therapists but we are also very real people in real relationships.

Couples counseling is a deated time to meet with a counselor who specializes in and has experience to help resolve conflict and repair the relationship. Some couples seek therapy to be proactive. Every couple is different. We all struggle with different issues, different family, and a history unique to the two of you.

We specialize in the Gottman Method Couples Therapy and use a variety of other therapeutic approaches to support you both. There are additional reasons to attend relationship therapy and we feel the counselors at Portal Point Counseling have the tools, experience and best approach to help all couples.

We welcome you into our warm inviting neutral Wyoming, MI office for your couples therapy or marriage counseling session. Be open. This can be difficult for many people as you do not likely know your therapist at all. We do not typically share personal information with a stranger. In therapy you are working with a trained professional. Your therapist is a neutral third party with no biases.

It is a safe space to share your current situation and struggles with no judgment. The more we know the more we can see the barriers. Be willing. Repairing a relationship is two sided. It will not work well if the other person is not engaged. Your counselor will offer suggestions that either may be obvious to you or things you have never thought of. Be open to new suggestions, different strategies, and insight into your relationship. And when you leave the office Be humble. During this time we will be taking a long look at your relationship current state and historically.

We ALL have areas that we could improve in.

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We ALL have habits. We see much more success when each person is able to be open to improving themselves as well as their relationship. Pre-marital counseling is when two people meet with a therapist to work to avoid conflict in their future relationship.

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There will be difficult times in your relationship. You will argue. We are not perfect. We want to share with you the tools to recover quickly from difficult times and move forward together and stronger. Wedding planning of often surrounded by idealism and not realism.

Again this is unique to your relationship. Your counselor is responsible and committed to hearing you both in a neutral setting. Taking the information you share during your couples therapy session each counselor will provide specific interventions to use. Something we make very clear - there are hours in a week. You are likely in couples therapy or marriage counseling 1 hour a week. This leaves a lot of responsibility on BOTH of you as a team to use the interventions and to be mindful of the work you have accomplished in your couples therapy session.

Simply coming to your marriage counseling or couples therapy appointment will not repair your relationship.

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As mentioned The work continues even after the counseling sessions. We work with all couples to help them realize the importance of consistent maintenance on their precious relationship. The hope is this comes much easier with time. It means you are involved in the health of your relationship and just like a car All too quickly we find ourselves running from work to appointments, to home, to kids and the list goes on. Take a moment to think about how much the current state of your relationship is impacting all those things listed above.

You are sad. You need to be united as a team to effectively manage all the aspects of life that you are faced with. Make the time. Make the time for each other. You are not. You found this website because you are searching for something. You might not know yet what it will looks like but there a glimmer of hope.

Broken things can be fixed. No doubt about it this adds to the challenge but does not make it impossible.

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Instead of waiting until you are both open to it at least one of you will get the ball rolling. You will work with your therapist one on one to discuss the situation and ways to work with your partner at home. There are still benefits of evaluating your own behaviors and reactions that improve your relationship. When people come more willingly the better the conversation goes. This is an option. There are times when one partner in the relationship is dealing with some serious issues that are impacting the relationship.

Sometimes it is depression or anxiety causing the strain. Each person has the option to work one on one with a therapist to overcome the issues they may be struggling with. Maybe your ificant other is displaying s of depression or anxiety symptoms and the depression and anxiety is the reason they do not want to attend counseling.

Although we take the vows of marriage and commitment of long term relationships very seriously we will not tell your partner the personal things we discuss without your full permission and visa versa. There are numerous reasons couples seek an experienced relationship therapist. If you are lacking intimacy, struggling with lack of communication or affair recovery you are not alone.

We have helped many who have felt disconnected, lacked good communication, or struggled with many other relationship challenges. If you live in the Grand Rapids, MI area, help is available. Our therapists regularly help married couples and partnerships flourish at our Wyoming, MI Counseling Center. Please today and let us help you and your partner navigate this troubled time and assist both of you develop a stronger bond and future. In addition to Couples Therapy Marriage Counselingwe offer other counseling services including counseling for anxiety, Post Partum Depression counseling, grief counselingadjustment, expressive arts therapy and family counseling.

today to get started. Cart 0. Couples Therapy and Marriage Counseling takes effort. Julie Gottman. What is couples counseling? What are the reasons for couples therapy or marriage counseling? Communication issues Hurt Anger Infidelity Affair Recovery Blended family difficulties Differences in raising children Financial issues Extended family complications Sexual difficulties Substance Abuse Trust issues Dealing with infertility Anxiety Disorder Depression Post Partum Disorder There are additional reasons to attend relationship therapy and we feel the counselors at Portal Point Counseling have the tools, experience and best approach to help all couples.

What should we expect? What is Pre-Marital Counseling?

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How long will it take to fix us? What If? What if we are just too busy? What if we are too far gone? What if I do not want my partner to come with me? Do you tell my partner all the things we talk about in therapy? Oh, but darling what if you fly?

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It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope. Getting Started with Marriage Counseling Couples Therapy in Grand Rapids There are numerous reasons couples seek an experienced relationship therapist.

Other counseling services at Portal Point Counseling. Today.

Grand Rapids Michigan married sex

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