College girls help me

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It was a college football game weekend, and as my friend walked down sorority row with her teenage daughter, her daughter took it all in. The energy. The buzz. The sea of people dressed in the school colors, full of excitement and hope.

Out of the blue, her daughter asked a question. Her mother said the first thing that came to mind: Saying no. Yet even with the invitations you pass up, college is unbelievably fun. Having four daughters, I think a lot about preparing them for college.

Here are 20 things I believe college girls should know. College is one season of life where you can compromise your values without anyone blinking an eye. The best friends are fun and good for you. There is strength in s, and finding friends on the same with you helps you live out your convictions. We can do it. They become your family as you lean on them for comfort, advice, and strength. What you put into your body matters. Love your body enough to protect it. Make healthy choices that help you feel strong and good about yourself. Taking a few steps in the wrong direction can lead to more steps in the wrong direction.

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If you do something dumb, learn from it. You always have a choice. Think for yourself, be a leader, and look out for those around you. Take care of your friends. If a friend is not thinking clearly, then think clearly for her.

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Or pulling her back before she leaves with a strange boy. Or calling her parents when she has a serious problem that needs attention. College can be a time to either neglect your faith or take it to a new level. Taking it to a new level gives you something to cling to. Loneliness can sneak up on you at the oddest times, and this is completely normal. With so many changes and uncertainties, you may occasionally miss the stability of home and the familiarity of your old life. These growing pains of becoming an adult happen to everyone, and talking yours out with someone can help you feel less alone.

Stay aware of your surroundings. Keep your eyes wide open and your radar up. If you feel someone watching you — or someone gives you a bad vibe — stay away from them. Avoid placing yourself on their path or getting in situations that might make you a target, like jogging alone at night. Also, consider taking a self-defense class with friends. Knowing in advance how to protect yourself could make all the difference in helping you escape an evil encounter. Professors love proactive students.

And when you talk to them, ask questions, engage in class, and seek their guidance, you build a rapport that may lead to job opportunities, increased confidence, and better communication with adults. Learning to manage stress is a gift you give yourself. Having academic pressures and adult responsibilities is a lot to juggle. Finding ways to decompress and deal with stress — e. You were made to chase your dreamsnot boys.

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Pursue your passions instead and build a great life for yourself. I want to be part of her world. I want to know her better. Knowing when you may be tempted to compromise your values helps you stand strong. Knowing your trigger points can help you avoid the people or situations that make it hard to say No.

Turn the and choose better next time. Learning to listen to various ideas without believing everything you hear is a crucial life skill. This can be both thrilling and confusing. Open your mind to be enlightened, but form your own convictions and conclusions. Seek the truth by getting to know God since God is truth. Your parents love you more than you know. Remember you were born to be an original and to serve your generation like no one in the universe has ever served before.

God has an amazing plan for your life, and college is just one chapter in a much bigger story.

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Your best years are still ahead of you. Your future is full of HOPE. College, in so many ways, is an unforgettable experience. It offers the ultimate opportunity to expand your mind, your heart, and your social network. And as you start a new life on campus, I have two other words to remember: Enjoy it.

Look around and take it all in. Get ready to laugh and cry and experience countless adventures. Enjoy the memories you make and the friendships you seal. Yes, college prepares you for a career, but more importantly it prepares you for life. Thanks for reading this message today. If you enjoyed it, please share it on social media. On Aug. Simply redeem your receipt here. To keep up with future posts, subscribe to this blog or me on FacebookInstagramand the Girl Mom podcast. I always appreciate you sharing your wisdom. Thank you!!! Saw this on Facebook and loved it!

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Wow—this is some terrific advice—thank you! I have a freshman daughter in college and a junior son. I will definitely share this with both my kids and others. With a few swapped words, it applies equally to sons, too. Beautifully written. That was a wonderful article.

Im 70 years old. A a daughter mom grandmother and great grandmother. Everything you said is so true.

College girls help me

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