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In some cases, suspicion arises after one partner notices the other making up strange excuses to leave the house despite sweeping lockdown measures. In others, a divorced parent begins to believe their ex may be flouting public health measures and putting their kids at risk. It seems COVID has done little to deter people who were already carrying out secret relationships, she said.

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Fekete and her husband manage a team of 28 former police detectives and officers. The core of their business is dealing with family law matters, such as a divorced couple at odds over childcare. Their four-year-old daughter has cancer and is immunocompromised, and the mother was afraid that her ex might be seeing other people and potentially exposing the child to COVID However, the father said he was self-isolating at home with his parents and not seeing anyone else.

Investigators surveilled the father and found that he was spending time with a new girlfriend and attended an outdoor gathering without a mask.

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Evidence gathered by investigators is often used in custody proceedings, either during pre-trial negotiations or presented before a judge. Companies are also reaching out to private investigators to see if employees are telling the truth about quarantine.

In one case, Haywood said, an employer was suspicious that their employee was lying about being in self-isolation. In those cases, private investigators can help determine if a new tenant is living in the space, sometimes with increased rent. Police across Canada noticed an increase in calls about domestic violence in the first four months of the pandemic. Fekete said her team, which also offers security, has been involved in cases to provide help for an individual who is trapped at home with an abusive partner and is looking for a way out.

Private investigations sometimes uncover personal challenges that a person was trying to hide, such as an addiction that is exacerbated during the pandemic, and it's important to manage cases with care. While some types of investigations are less in demand during the pandemic, these coronavirus-related calls have made up for the drop, Haywood said.

A couple is seen in this file image.

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Cheating wives saskatchewan

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