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This is my life I love it and I live everyday to show others the love of Christ. I can only boast in Him because all I have or accomplish is because of Him and His amazing grace and mercy! Something that is very disturbing to me is the growing of CPS students killed this school year.

It breaks my heart to see kids killing. If we try to stop violence with more violence, how will it ever end? Jesus clearly said, Love your enemies, return good for evil. He never said, it's ok only if they hit you first We are taught so often that redeptive violence is okay look at the war! In a book i'm reading, the author says, "the Jesus way shows us that we need not battle violence with power and force, but with humility and revolutionary subordination. Violence eventually kills itself. Sometimes all the peacemakers need to do is battle violence with revolutionary patience and steadfast hope, for the universe bends toward justice and the entire Christian story demonstrates the triumph of love.

Here are the names of the CPS students killed this school year Posted by Shasta Brooke at PM. Labels: jesusjusticeloveviolenceyouth. I am the older sister of a slain CPS student of the school year, my brother Cordaro Washington was 18 when he was shot and killed in a drive by shooting walking down the street with our cousin near home. I am sending a message to let the everyone one these string of violence against our youth is so preventable.

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Prevention really does happen at home. Too many families have to deal with s lifetime of grief because of these senseless acts.

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It feels as if they are snipers out here aiming exactly for our youth. It has to stop now. My brother was not a part of a gang, never owned or handle a gun, yet his life was taken by one. I begged please stop the violence. I agree with everything you said. Dalvin was a close friend to me and I'll never forget the day he was killed. The feeling of losing him was so hutrful I can't even explain it. I just wish no one else has to go through it. I just want people to know that you break peoples hearts when you take away someone they love.

The pain never goes away and you never forget. Don't let it happen to more. So I was surfing the internet like I usually do and suddenly Google Chrome shuts down. Now this program called "Antivirus Live" appears to have installed itself. Now as a limited user on this computer, I have no idea this program got in since I can't download anything anyway. I have gotten its counterpart, Antivirus before and successfully removed it as a limited user but this one is proving to be a challenge.

And I do have security, Mcafee, but it falls short when removing malware. Would any of you happen to know how to get rid of this foul program using a limiter user ?

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Post a Comment. Monday, April 7, Violence. You forgot Raphael Villagrana, 18, who was stabbed to death. May 11, at PM Anonymous said July 31, at PM Anonymous said April 29, at AM Anonymous said January 12, at AM Anonymous said January 13, at AM Anonymous said January 16, at PM Anonymous said March 16, at AM Anonymous said April 5, at AM Anonymous said Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. Please Read 5 People Mother to Isabel Grace. Lover of Jesus. I also really love the Razorbacks Thanks for checking out my blog!

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Blind guy dating altyaz 305

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Blind guy dating altyaz