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You need to text your customers, because it's the one way they prefer to communicate with businesses like you. But what needs to go into your text messages so customers actually respond to them? This guide will teach you how to write professional texts that your customers love and engage with. People expect s to be formal, stuffy, and verbose, but your texts should be casual, friendly, and concise. If s wear ties and pencil skirts to work, texts wear polos and jeans.

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More importantly, texts reflect the way people actually talk. Texting is a great form of communication to help cut through corporate jargon. Keep on reading to learn how to maintain your business texting etiquette. You want your texts to engage your contacts so you can successfully promote deals, improve customer service, and ultimately increase profits.

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Your text will have the biggest impact and reach the largest amount of people when they look professional and avoid things like:. A text can hold up to characters. Our recommendation is that you keep your messages to characters or fewer. Aim for short and sweet! This makes it easy for you and your organization to stay compliant. What you need to consider, though, is how the STOP message can affect your character count, which can affect how many total texts you send. A few things you should know:. One reason people text is they want to communicate with another person.

So how do you make your business sound human? The best way is to keep messages quick, pleasant, and full of expression - just like you would with friends and family. Notice the message on the right re like an. If you had to guess a personality type, you might say stiff. The message on the lefthowever, feels much friendlier - much more natural.

You might enjoy going to lunch with them. You can:. Our brains process images especially facial expressions far faster than words. Emojis can help you convey more with fewer words, and do it more clearly - which helps you keep messages to under characters. What's great is that you can quickly pull up an emoji keyboard on your computer, whether inside Text Request or anywhere else online.

If you're using a Windows computerclick the Windows key and period to open the emoji keyboard. If you're on a Mac, view this guide. Your customers have been sending dozens of text messages a day for decades. They get it.

Instead of typing disted words and acronyms, they spell out everything and use complete sentences. You should do the same when sending professional text messages. atures can help you make a good impression and make it easy for customers to identify who is texting them. The main thing to remember is your text ature needs to be minimal.

Here are a few other important notes:. Remember, even if you're texting from a computer, text atures are not the same as atures. Texts need to be concise, and your atures - if you choose to use them - need to be concise, too. There are lots of phrases and elements in the templates below that will work well across industries. Browse the examples, and take what you like from each!

You can craft good promotions to text your customers, too. Keep in mind that people generally like promotional messages less than one-on-one messages, so you might have more opt-outs STOP replies than if you were sent a appointment reminder or service follow up text. Come by Saturday and Sundayor shop online at ourstore.

Reply to this text to schedule your appointment. Celebrate in comfort with a new air conditioning system. Text back to get yours! Invite your friends to Our Weight Loss Clinic today! Text or call us today for your new unit! See tvacreditunion. We are! Come see us from Enter to win a free iPad while learning how we help our community. See you there! Consumers tend to shop around before deciding who to buy from, work with, or give their money to. That can work in your favor if you know what to do.

But first I want to make sure you understand a few things. The contact needs to willingly give you their cell before you contact them. The examples below apply mostly to new le and existing customers you might want to upsell. Sometimes you should continue the conversation through text. Other times the most effective texts are simply, " Saw your request. I have a couple of questions, do you have two minutes to talk? Autoresponses and scheduled messages help your sales communications flow more smoothly.

You can choose to send the same message to every lead that comes in, schedule follow-up texts for later, or mix the two. Do you have a few minutes to chat? Do you have pictures of the space, or the know the sq ft? That would help. Normally we can process everything in a few days. Would you like to go ahead and start the process? Yeah, Text Request is an online texting service for businesses.

Grab a time at textrequest. I can have someone out there tomorrow to install it. Let me know. We est. Consumers would rather text you to start conversations, which is why allowing them to text you keywords is great!

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A keyword is a word a potential customer can text to opt-in for promotions and receive ongoing updates on certain topics. For example, a realtor can setup a keyword for MapleStreet, and send listing info to anyone who texts that keyword. Autoresponses are pre-written replies that automatically send to anyone who texts in a keyword.

You can payment info here: ournonprofit. Let us know if you have questions! We normally respond to messages from M-F. We normally respond to messages within the hour. Someone will be with you shortly. Thank you! These are all triggered messages, but they still feel like a human is sending them.

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Customer service texts might be the easiest to get right. The person texting you already knows who you are and what you do, so the odds are in your favor. But you still want to do the right thing. The best customer service texts are also conversational. Instead of sending one text with several questions and apologies, ask one question at a time - like you would if you talking to them in person.

Now for some examples:. We can get someone to your home tomorrow morning to make it right. Is now good? Looks like he forgot to put a part on. Do you have a picture of the policy? Yes, we can do that, but it will cost a little extra. What are you trying to accomplish?

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Can you be more specific? Conversations and relationships are what make us human. They make a business or brand feel relatable and personable, too. Texting helps you build those relationships and boost your bottom line, which should make everyone happy. The question is When should you text someone? When should you start that conversation, or nurture that relationship? There are lots of everyday situations you can put to good use, no matter what your organization is or who you work with. Here are some examples:. Thank you for the loyalty! Let us know if we can do anything for you.

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Is everything the way you wanted? Could we do anything better? Give it a read! We got [a new product in]. Let me know if you want it or have questions. Would you be willing to help us out? He said it was such a joy to work with you. Let me know if you have any questions. A lot of these conversation starters should feel like one friend thinking of another and reaching out.

You just need a quick way to remind them, and payment confirmation texts are the easiest way to do that. Would you like to schedule a call to share it? The hiring process is filled with back-and-forth communications, and that's why you should be texting for it. Look for a message from us in weeks. Does March 13,at PM work for you? Is there a day and time that works? Could you leave us a review at: [Link]? Blue Flame Grill is so close to reaching our th reviews. Want to help us out at: [Link]? We've given you a bunch of example texts in this guide that your customers - or anyone else you text with - will enjoy getting from you.

You can copy and paste these examples into your own Text Request messages or templates, but you'll find the best by using the concepts and principles from this guide to create your own messages. When you do that, messages will feel both personal and unique to your business or organization.

It will give your communications a personality, and your customers will really love that. It's great for you to learn and implement these concepts.

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