Business woman in charge

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Sound familiar? Do you find yourself working extra hours or making financial sacrifices in order to maintain margins?

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Here are some of the most common reasons women undercharge:. All this does is relieve symptoms…short-term. Not sure how to find those people? Or how to convey clear messages about that value? You can get answers to those questions and much more in the Fempire Academywhere women support each other whilst learning how to make money doing what they love.

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Consider ing today! Marnie LeFevre is the Founder of Fempire. She is also a 1 bestselling author and marketing expert who has made it her mission to support women to achieve the success they deserve and to lead with confidence.

She believes women can achieve anything with the right support and a sisterhood to back them up. Have you ever tried to launch something and it flopped? Did you pour your heart and soul Very interesting. Some of it is about those layers of conditioning we women need to peel off.

I have to remind myself this, often! Yes I hear you Barbara. I have worked with so many women over the years that undercharge initially and one of the best things they do, to help them believe in themselves faster, is to surround themselves with like-minded women that have their back. I know having my own coach makes a huge difference in breaking conditioning. This is such good advice and putting into practice is more difficult than expected!

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Barbara is right on the money about conditioning! I always want to be fair but have my worth taken seriously, it is a difficult balance to achieve especially when you are online and working with people in different regions where the income values vary ificantly! Now this is a hard one especially in a relatively new business. I can resonate with all the above points and find it a constant struggle to keep my prices firm. The best evidence is proof that people will pay…well done!

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Rather, if I am asked to reduce my price, I instead talk about what aspect or component of the contract work I will take out, therefore changing the price but not undermining the value I offer. I hope that makes sense! Thank you for sharing, Lesley. It does Lesley! Discounting is a race to the bottom. Great strategy removing value.

I often use a value add approach if removing value is difficultnot more time or work but something that has high perceived value but low time commitment, like an online course or book or report or something like that. Much better for business. Submit Comment. Automated speed optimizations for fast site performance. Marnie LeFevre. You may also like…. Personal GrowthProductivity.

Research shows that multitasking is a myth, and could be hurting your productivity, your Business SuccessPersonal Growth. Barbara on August 23, at pm. Anna Gratte on August 26, at pm. Such great words of wisdom, Barbara. Thank you for sharing. Marnie LeFevre on August 27, at am. Mx Reply. Emily Collaton on August 27, at pm. Women are so inspirational and strong more than they give themselves credit for Reply. Marnie LeFevre on August 27, at pm. Kate Hawker on August 26, at am.

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You go, Kate! Lesley Petersen on August 26, at pm. Anna Gratte on August 27, at am. How many new customers do you generally take…. Pin It on Pinterest.

Business woman in charge

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Women in charge good for business: report