Besides the menu of over 70 dishes, our restaurant proudly present menus for lunch and morning coffee to serve customers.

Our lunch combo will provide enough nutrition for a day of work, at a suitable price.

  • Beef & Cheese Rolls

Beef & Cheese Rolls are not only a seductive dish because of beef’s flavor, but also a passionate aroma of cheese blended with each grain of meat. Grilled beef is soft, but still holds the moisture of the meat. Mushroom sauce is sprinkled on the surface to enhance the taste of beef. This dish is also served with French fries and some salad dressing.

  • Rice Noodle Salad With Grilled

Pork Belly & Fried Spring Rolls

Although the dish is very familiar with Vietnamese diners, at RIVIA Seafood Dining, this dish is upgraded by fish sauce, which is made by the excellent chef of RIVIA Seafood Dining.
Steak is grilled until they turn to gold, and it is served with a variety of herbs, sweet and sour fish sauce.

  • Claypot Seafood Rice

Stir Fried Mixed Vegetables

Green Mango Fish Ball Soup

The rice is cooked in a clay pot so it will keep the heat and porous. Diners will enjoy this dish with veggies, fresh seafood such as prawn, squid fried with mushrooms, besides a fish ball soup. The unique flavor of the dish will help diners have delicious lunch.

The food will be better when used with Green Mango & Fishball Soup. The wonderful flavor is well combined to create a tasty lunch for diners.

  • Stir Fried Glass Noodles

With Crab Meat

Green Mango And Fish Ball Soup

Stir-Fried Glass Noodles With Crab Meat is not only a delicious dish but it also supplies enough nutrition. Although the dish processing is a bit complicated and need more ingredients but will make you happy when enjoying it. Each fiber of glass noodles is tough but really soft. The perfect combination of crab, vegetables and glass noodles will create a tasty lunch for diners at RIVIA Seafood Dining.

Besides, the diner can come to RIVIA Seafood Dining to enjoy a cup of coffee at RIVIA Seafood Dining on the coffee time (from 10h30 until 16h). There are many drinks at our restaurant, including Hot/Cold Milk Coffee, Cappuccino, Latte, Espresso … It is very wonderful to sit at yacht pier and enjoy a cup of coffee.


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