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TOP 10 MOST POPULAR DISHES IN SET MENUS AT RIVIA Seafood Dining, only from 2.850.000 VND/Table (for 10 guests). On the luxury yacht “RIVIA Seafood Dining”, diners are always welcomed with many signature dishes. Here are 10 most attractive dishes in set menus, always be chosen by customers, which to treat family, friends in the special party. — WHITE SARDINE CEVICHE Ceviche made from white sardine is an attractive combination of crispy vegetables, fresh fish, and traditional peanut sauce. SEAFOOD & […]


Besides the menu of over 70 dishes, our restaurant proudly present menus for lunch and morning coffee to serve customers. Our lunch combo will provide enough nutrition for a day of work, at a suitable price. Beef & Cheese Rolls Beef & Cheese Rolls are not only a seductive dish because of beef’s flavor, but also a passionate aroma of cheese blended with each grain of meat. Grilled beef is soft, but still holds the moisture of the meat. Mushroom sauce is sprinkled on the […]