Located in district 1, RIVIA Seafood Dining is a seafood restaurant that is created based on the combination of the modern lifestyle of the West, and the traditional lifestyle of Vietnam.


On the dreamy harbour of Monaco along the Mediterranean coast always lie luxury yachts. Life is peaceful and happy in the subtle enjoyment lifestyle of the French, with parties and wine... What would it be like if that joyful atmosphere is recreated right here in Saigon? And RIVIA Seafood Dining was born, as an answer to that dream.

Inspired by the luxury and romantic yachts on Monaco harbour, RIVIA Seafood Dining will bring customers out of the noisy city to dive in the space of cruises and the sea. The detailed arrangement of interior, exterior to the way we serve and the authentic taste of each dish - everything blending together is how RIVIA Seafood Dining wants to treat our customers. Coming to RIVIA Seafood Dining is coming to a happy and joyful dining experience.


The difference of RIVIA Seafood Dining is the harmony of East - West culture in our dishes, along with the creativity on that spirit. We always strive for innovative menu, with hope to bring customers original dishes that can only be found in RIVIA Seafood Dining.



RIVIA Seafood Dining is designed based on real French yachts, with the exterior seperated from the outside world with a small canal running around the restaurant. Walking into RIVIA Seafood Dining, customers feel like they step on a real cruise surrounded by water, welcomed by cruise staff like a French noble.

The interior of the restaurant is divided into different areas.



The most special feature of RIVIA Seafood Dining is the originality - through signature dishes that are different from everywhere else you have been to. That specialty comes from the harmonious combination of East - West dining cultures: the food is created with subtle seafood processing skills from the West, as well as the tasty savour of Vietnam.

Our many loyal customers always trust and choose RIVIA Seafood Dining as a place to treat their friends and VIPs. Treat meals are the essense of RIVIA Seafood Dining: we understand that your every important guest must be served great foods with consistent quality. With RIVIA Seafood Dining, you can be at ease with the quality of our food and service.



It is RIVIA Seafood Dining's pleasure to be your choice. Please fill in your information below to book a party or call us at +84 396 103103 for more information.